Maths Adventure Residential

Give Students a boost with a Maths Adventure Residential

A curriculum focused residential for KS2 students preparing for SATs.

We can enhance the learning opportunities available to your students by supporting your school’s syllabus and curriculum approach; by working collaboratively with visiting school staff to plan and deliver an effective programme.

To do this we incorporate our adventure and outdoor learning expertise with subject specific tasks and challenges.

We will provide a program that appropriately challenges all students. Stretching greater depth students, while nurturing and supporting those working below expected to increase their confidence and understanding.

The programs aim is to elevate all students by applying the subject content throughout the residential programme, integrating learning into the experience. As well as learning key subjects the residential experience also provides the extended benefits associated with learning outside the classroom.

How do we do it?

Key to the success of this programme is co-ordination and collaborative delivery by visiting school staff and outdoor learning facilitators. We will work together to build a programme aimed at the key learning outcomes you need to achieve. This can be achieved in multiple ways, speak to us today to discuss how we can help you.

We have a range of resources which can be utilised beyond the residential to maximise the outcome and learning opportunities.

See example lesson plan

This programme is designed to enhance the learning experience for your students, by providing an alternative delivery method to engage all students in learning. We know all schools have their own ways of working, we will collaborate with schools in developing a booster residential that supports and enhances existing school practices where they are good / outstanding and share what works with schools who are seeking improvement. This is a bespoke model designed to meet your school needs.

See example programme

See activities and curriculum

As with all our residential visits, we operate a sole occupancy policy. You will have our undivided attention allowing us to adapt quickly and ensure flexibility throughout the visit.

If you would like to discuss how your school can get involved in this programme please get in touch.

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